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At Yoli, we believe that taking control of your health and giving your body the nutrients that you need to look and feel your very best is a lifelong journey. That’s why creating healthy habits that last a lifetime is the best way to work toward optimal health!

Of course, we also know that everyone is different and everyone has unique goals for their health. That’s why our Lifestyle Kits are designed to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re using the Alkalization Kit, the Energy Kit, the Weight Management Kit, or the Create-Your-Own Kit, you’ll be able to transform your lifestyle to make your personal health goals a reality.

Weight Management

The Weight Management Kit is designed to help you maintain a healthy weight for your body. The products and the meal plan in the Weight Management Kit will give you the essential nutrients to continue your physical transformation and feel great long-term.* The Weight Management Kit includes Passion or Thermo Burn, YES, Dream, and Alkalete.

Wholesale $219.94
Retail $254.94
CV 150

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The Energy Kit is the perfect way to optimize your lifestyle for long-term, sustainable energy. The products in the Energy Kit, combined with the specially-designed meal plan, will help give you the energy you need to tackle every day head-on!* The Energy Kit includes Passion or Thermo Burn, Omegas, YES, Dream, and Enzyme.

Wholesale $214.94
Retail $249.94
CV 150

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The Alkalinity Kit is designed to help you maintain a healthy body pH long-term. Along with the meal plan, the products in the Alkalinity Kit will help give you the nutrients you need for optimal pH balance.* The Alkalinity Kit includes Alkalete, Vitamin, Mineral, Pure, and YES.

Wholesale $209.94
Retail $239.94
CV 150

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Have a different goal in mind? With the Create-Your-Own Lifestyle Kit, you’ll choose the Yoli products that fit your needs, craft your own meal plan, and get 10% off! All you have to do is make sure you meet the minimum 175 CV requirement, and you’ll be on your way toward making your unique health goals a reality!

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